Varyant Konakları

We have restored two of our mansions and opened to service as hotel and residence in Varyant area which is famous for its spectacular view. Buyuk Konak ( the Great mansion )and Dutlu Konak ( the Mulberry Mansion ). We have prepared apartments and rooms in the heart of İzmir, where you can experience old İzmir in peace and quiet. It took us almost a year to decorate our mansions with antique furniture and accessories unique to our region. We have strived to bring the multiculturalism, elegance and the joy which are reflected by the historic architecture of İzmir, to our rooms. Each of our apartments, rooms was has been designed differently from the others.

According to the legend, Alexander the Great came to Izmir. He went hunting to our neighborhood which at the time was covered by dense forests. He fell asleep when he was having rest under a tree.

Nemesis, the Goddess, in his dream wants Alexander the Great to set up the new Smyrna in our neighborhood. Alexander tells the dream to a soothsayer and asks his opinion. The soothsayer interprets the dream in a single sentence: The people who will settle in the skirts of Pagos hill will be four times happier than before. On top of that, Alexander the Great founded the new Izmir in the skirts of Pagos hill, which is actually is our neighborhood today. And we are so happy to live here!!!